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Filtration and viscosity regulator GIP-FILT grade B

GIP-FILT grade B - starch polymer, carboxymerization thermally modified polysaccharide treated with a bactericide to prevent bacterial destruction


  • Stabilization, control of the filtration rate in mineralized and fresh water-based drilling mud systems
  • High temperature filtration rate control (HTHP according to API)
  • Effectively reduces the rate of filtration in drilling fluids with a high content of calcium chloride and bischofite
  • Thermal stability up to 149˚РЎ
  • Preserves the natural reservoir properties of reservoirs
  • Resistant to aggression of salts of potassium chloride and magnesium chloride
  • Compatible with other high molecular weight polymers
  • Acid soluble
  • Increases anti-friction properties of drilling fluid and filter cake
  • Does not significantly change the rheological properties of low clay drilling fluids
Typical properties
  • Appearence: Fine-grained white powder
  • Specific gravity (kg/m3): 1,45
  • Mass fraction of moisture,%, not more than: 1,5
Application guidelinesAdd GIP-FILT grade B at a concentration of 5-20 kg / m3, depending on the degree of mineralization, as well as downhole temperatures. Recommended alkali range when used from pH = 10.5-12.0

Safety measures

No special requirements for transportation, storage and use. While using, it is recommended to use personal protective equipment (glasses, gloves) and observe personal hygiene rules


GIP-FILT grade B is supplied in multi-layer bags with a nominal weight of 25 kg. Store in a cool, dry place in unopened containers. Keep away from direct bright light and heat. Used in the initial opening of productive horizons

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