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Policy and goals

Strategy of "Gasinvestproject" is to take leading position in the field of services on drilling of wells within Ukraine and realization of new projects in the countries of far and near abroad. Mission is development of the company under conditions of modern market by improvement of service that would meet Customer's expectations and remands, implementation of new methods of management of company and production. Priorities in work:

  • Focusing on maximum result at any time and everywhere;
  • Labor safety and environmental safety;
  • High professional level of personnel;
  • Constant increase of quality standards of production process;
  • Financial stability of the company;
  • Implementation of innovative technologies. 
Our competitive advantage is a complex approach to customer, provision of necessary equipment and also advising and engineering support, fulfillment of warranty obligations. Our main goal is to justify Your trust and meet Customer's expectations and demands! 

36000, Poltava
Pushkina str., 6
tel: +38 067 577-75-04
tel: +38 067 546-62-72
61072, Kharkiv
23 Serpnya Str., 20-Рђ, Рѕf. 11 
tel: +38 067 577-75-04
tel: +38 067 546-62-72

04053, Kyiv 
Observatorna str., 25 
tel: +38 067 577-75-04
tel: +38 067 546-62-72


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