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Services and products

Main areas of the activity of our company are as follows: - services on preparation and monitoring of parameters of drilling mud: - services on core-drill sampling; - production of chemical reagents, used in the process of drilling and extraction of commercial minerals; There are many leading companies in oil and gas field of Ukraine and near-board countries among our constant customers and partners. Due to efficient cost management and minimization of expenses upon rendering of services and production (and also import without participation of contractors) of chemical reagents we have an opportunity to provide the most profitable offer to our customer while ensuring high quality of products and rendered services. 

Drilling fluid service

Gasinvestproject renders services on preparation and monitoring of parameters of drilling mud. It has entire range of means for efficient solution of organizational ad technological tasks that rise during drilling at any oil and gas fields of Ukraine: modern mud systems;highly-skilled personnel who has longstanding experience in operation at fields of Ukraine (every employee of our company, evolved in service rendering, is agreed with customers and provides information about qualification and work experience); technology complies with API ...

Chemical products

Our company offers entire range of chemical reagents that are necessary for solution of technological tasks upon drilling and workover of wells. Our strong points are as follows: Stable high quality;Availability of necessary products at warehouse of Poltava city; Operability and responsibility;Readiness to delivery of required products twenty-four hours w...

Services for disposal of drilling muds

We take care about environment. It is one of main principles of activity of "Gasinvestproject". Our company renders services on utilization of used drilling mud and drilling slurry. We guarantee prompt transportation and further save utilization (processing) of above-mentioned materials in complicate with all environmental norms and requirements of current law. ...

Coring Services

Our company renders services on core drilling. Experience and qualification of our specialists and also used modern equipment ensures average core recovery over 90%. Highly-skilled specialists manage core drilling direction. Work experience:Our specialists, who previously worked for other companies...

Cleaning of production strings from ARPD

Gasinvestproject can render services on cleaning of production strings (PS) from asphalt and resin-paraffin deposits (ARPD) by means of industrial plant with use of jet-turbine engine of gas-fired heater M701. ...

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