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Gasinvestproject appreciates qualified personal and contribution of every employee, regardless his/her position and duties. Company management has a broad practical experience and high qualification in the field of gas and oil industry and geology. Technical specialists are trained and certified on regular basis  Management of "OC "Gasinvestproject" Founders:              Popovich Oleg Vyacheslavovich Born on May 31, 1981, Kharkov city , Ukraine. Education:V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, specialist in economical theory. I.M. Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (postgraduate professional diploma). He works in gas and oil industry since 2001.  Shvydkyy Igor Anatolievich Born on October 24, 1981 in Zavitinsk city, Amur region, RF. Education:National State University "Kharkov State University", chemical process engineer. He works in gas and oil industry since 2003. Technical director :Rozhko Aleksandr ViktorovichBorn on September 2, 1978 in Gozhuly village, Poltava city. Education:Poltava Oil and Geological Survey College, specialist in oil and gas wells. J. Kondratuka Poltava State University, specialist in oil and gas recovery. He works in gas and oil industry since 2000. Chief engineer - Drilling Fluid Head: Petunin Aleksandr Ivanovich Born on June 2, 1949 in Zarubino village, Primorsk Territory, RF. Education : Voronezh State University, specialist in geological survey of mineral deposits, mining engineer. Multiple refresher courses and trainings.He works in oil and gas industry since 1972. 

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Avtozavodska str., build 2, 
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61072, Ukraine, Kharkov,
23 Serpnya str., 20-A, office 11
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36008, Ukraine, Poltava, 
Lagoda str., 40, housing 1
Tel.: +38 066 202 21 83
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