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Engineering service support of drilling fluids

It is based on longstanding experience in successful use of modern drilling mud systems that meet the strictest technological requirements. Services on preparation and control of drilling fluids include the following: 

  • Development and agreement of "Drilling Fluid Program" and methods for cleaning from drilling cuttings with Customer on the basis of initial data, received from customer; 
  • Provision of trailer and laboratory that meet API standard; 
  • Ensuring twenty-four hour engineering support, control and adjustment of parameters of drilling mud in the course of drilling; 
  • Prompt response to possible complications, development and implementation of efficient measures that prevents emergency situations; 
  • Provision of chemical reagents that are necessary in the course of drilling; 
  • Possibility for re-purchase of chemical reagents that were not used during drilling. 
Our specialists: 
  • Carry out constant monitoring of well flushing technology in deep drilling, disclose new technological solutions and can ensure optimal conditions for flushing and drilling of gas wells under any geological, technical and regional conditions; 
  • Generalize practical experience in use of the system and chemical reagents of leading foreign companies, used in drilling of deep and horizontal wells under severe geological and technical conditions of drilling. 
  • Focus at modern, highly efficient methods and technologies of flushing during drilling of gas and oil wells.
Our specialist also have the following:
  • Highest and special education within the frame of methodological training of the company;
  • Certificates of international companies (M-I SWACO, HALLIBURTON, BAKER-HUGHES);
  • Practical experience in engineering support of drilling mud from 3 to 15 years at deposits of Eastern Ukraine (Donetsk -Dnepropetrovsk basin), shelf of Azov and Black Sea;
  • Experience in realization of drilling projects in countries of near board (Russia, Romania, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria); 
  • Board experience in work and cooperation with foreign service companies; 
  • Experience in fulfillment of the order of international companies, namely: Shell Ukraine, Cadogan Petroleum, USEIS SA Ukraine, Regal Petroleum, Cub Energy; 
  • Execution of special types of works on preparation of fluids for WO. 

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