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Quality, health, safety & environment

Company "Gasinvestproject" appreciates its employees and takes care of them. Prevention of occupational diseases and injuries and also environmental protection are our main tasks of the company and it strives to provide all accessible means and ensure support in this field in order to reach success. We work in different regions. However, the company always follows the strictest standards of labor safety, health safety, safety of our personnel, Customers and contractors and also environmental protection in regions, where we live and work. The company uses QHSE standards and policy and every employee should take regular training courses. Our success directly depends on our ability to ensure constant observance of QHSE principles as a priority for management and every employee. Goals:

  • To be a leader in terms of QHSE efficiency in our fiel; 
  • To develop QHSE corporate culture that is very critical for entire business activity; 
  • To improve quality of our performance at constant basis;
  • To ensure that all our measures are carried out in healthy and safety atmosphere in ecologically sensible way. 

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Avtozavodska str., build 2, 
housing 66, room 311
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