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Bentonite mud-powder

Betonitic gel powder is dried and milled clay, treated with chemical reagents or without them. Use and purpose It is a base for preparation of drilling fluids. This powder is used as gelling additive. It ensures optimal integrity of gel with minimum viscosity for removal of drilling cuttings that ensures efficient cleaning of the channel. It improves stability of well shaft in purely sealed/cemented sands and gravel formations. It reduces fluid loss, creating thin clay cake with low permeability. It is used as lubricant in micro-tunnel operations. It ensures cost-efficient approach, disperse easily and quickly achieve dynamic viscosity. This ensures high performance of drilling works. It is environmentally safe.  

Typical properties




Powder from yellow-brown to grayish color

Humidity, %

5 – 10

Density, g/cm3

2.3 – 2.7 

Recommendations on use It is used in the form of suspension with concentration from 50 kg/m3 to 150 kg/m3. Highly-viscous beds should be prepared for special process operations. Package Betonitic gel powder is supplied in multi-wall big bags with nominal weight of 750-1000 kg. 

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