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Filtration and viscosity regulator GIP-FILT grade Е

GIP-FILT grade  - purified xanthan biopolymer, modified natural polysaccharide of biochemical origin


  • Thickener and structures formers of clayless mineralized drilling fluids
  • Monitoring and improving the rheological properties and ensuring optimal conditions for flushing the well and cleaning the well from the drilled solid phase
  • Increasing the viscosity of water-based drilling fluids
  • Increases thermal stability of clayless highly mineralized drilling fluids
  • Effectively stabilizes rheological properties under conditions of calcium and magnesium aggression
  • Compatible with other high molecular weight polymers
  • Improves the quality of the formation of filter cake, increases antifriction properties
  • Thermostable not less than 130º С
Typical properties
  • Appearence: Fine yellow-yellow powder
  • Specific gravity (kg/m3): 1,50
Application guidelinesRecommended alkali range when used from pH = 10.0-12.0 Add GIP-FILT grade E in a concentration of 3-4 kg / m3 in mineralized drilling fluids.Safety measures
  • No special requirements for transportation, storage and use
  • While using, it is recommended to use personal protective equipment (glasses, gloves)
PackageGIP-FILT grade Е is supplied in multi-layer bags with a nominal weight of 25 kg. Store in a cool, dry place in unopened containers. Keep away from direct bright light and heat

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