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Shale inhibitor GIP-POWER, grade A

GIP-POWER, grade A - complex reagent that contains high molecular weight compounds of polymer and bitumen type, which are used when passing weakly cemented clay rocks prone to shedding


  • Prevents destruction of well walls and hydration
  • Reduces filter rate
  • Microcolmatant
  • Used in fresh and mineralized drilling fluid systems
  • Promotes wellbore stability
  • Significantly improves the lubricating properties of the drilling fluid (reduces the stickiness of the filter cake)
  • Does not increase the rheological properties of the drilling fluid
  • Thermal stability up to 170ºРЎ
  • Compatible with other high molecular weight polymers
Typical properties
  • Appearence: Brown brittle thin section or fine powder
  • Water solubility : 95
  • Application guidelines
  • Add GIP-POWER, grade A from 5 to 20 kg/m3, depending on geological conditions. Used to pump inhibitory packs of drilling fluid
Safety measures

No special requirements for transportation, storage and useWhile using, it is recommended to use personal protective equipment (glasses, gloves) and observe personal hygiene rules


GIP-POWER, grade A is supplied in multi-layer bags with a nominal weight of 25-50 kg. Store in a cool, dry place in unopened containers. Keep away from direct bright light and heat

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