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Sulfonated asphalt

Sulfonated asphalt is a black water-soluble powder. It is a sodium sulfonate of oil asphalt, obtained by unique sulphonation process. Application and purpose It is used in most types of water-based drilling fluids regardless natural components (polyanionic cellulose, CMC, starch, xantham gum) or synthetic (partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide) and also as hydrocarbon-based solutions. Benefits It stabilizes shale beds, blocks cracks of well shafts, prevents slides and falls of wellbore walls and also swelling (hydration) of clay shale. It reduces water loss indexes of drilling mud at high temperatures and pressure. It also improves lubricating properties of drilling mud (it reduces adhesiveness of filter cake). It doesn't require use of emulsifiers for corresponding mixing. Controlled solubility in water and oil ensures excellent chemical and physical characteristics. It is ecologically safe. 

Typical properties 




 Brown brittle thin section or small grain powder

Density, g/cm3


Sieve residue 100 mesh, %


 Recommendations on use Add sulfonated asphalt through mud hopper directly into the system in concentration of 3 – 15 kg/m3 per necessary volume of drill mud. PackageSulfonated asphalt is delivered in multi-layer paper bags 25 kg each. 

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